Schools may choose to describe up to two additional pieces of information about how their school is supporting students. These self-reported indicators are not factored into school accountability calculations but provide the opportunity for schools to highlight successful programs or practices in addition to the indicators included in school accountability.


Building a Solid Reading Foundation

East Ridge Elementary is a Dual Language Immersion School. We grow literacy skills across the curriculum in English and in Spanish. Last year, our focus was specifically on early literacy in the younger grades (K-2). Early literacy skills set the foundation for students to become proficient readers. East Ridge focused on quality Tier I instruction as well as implementing a new Tier II intervention program called 95%. Our K-2 instructional coach worked with the classroom teachers to ensure that quality Tier I and Tier II interventions were being implemented in the classrooms. The instructional coach provided coaching and feedback cycles, modeling, and supported teachers in refining and enhancing their instructional practices. We measured students on their individual progress and goals and shared their progress with families. We are most proud of the progress we made in our Pathway to Progress scores. We saw an increase of up to 17% from our middle of year data to our end of year benchmark assessment in our K - 2nd grade students. And we know we can make even more progress with our students in the coming years by continuing to focus on these foundational skills.


Bridging Connections between our School Family

Building strong relationships with our families and community is important at East Ridge. As a Dual Language Immersion school we value authentic interactions and opportunities to learn and communicate together beyond the school day in both English and Spanish. Throughout the year, the school focused on including parents and community partners in school events as often as possible. Events included student project presentations, activities, family nights, and more including our Dia de los Muertos Events, Family Literacy Night, Dual Language Immersion Night, and a Science Night. These events were attended by a majority of our families. Parents and students came together to participate in nights full of fun and learning. For example, at our science night, we had various community partners come and share science experiments with our students. It was fun to watch students’ faces light up as science concepts came to life. Some of the partners that collaborated with us throughout the year included: Hill AeroSpace Museum, Ogden Nature Center, TreeHouse Museum, and Ogden’s George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park. It is a privilege to serve our Ogden Community and we hope every year to work with families and community members to continue to improve our outreach and collaboration. Check out our website for more events in the coming year!