Schools may choose to describe up to two additional pieces of information about how their school is supporting students. These self-reported indicators are not factored into school accountability calculations but provide the opportunity for schools to highlight successful programs or practices in addition to the indicators included in school accountability.


Student wellbeing and a love for lifelong learning

Silver Lake Elementary School opened in the Fall of 2020 and its current enrollment is 803 students. Silver Lake offers six extension programs for students, Ballroom, Choir, Knowledge Bowl, Musical Theater, Orchestra, and Spelling Bee. Additionally, the school has implemented a social and wellness program with a wellness room to support student's social and emotional needs, staffed with a school counselor, psychologist, and social worker. Our music teacher is also a certified Music Therapist and is part of our social and emotional support to our students. Silver Lake teachers provide the highest quality education to their students that is engaging, and inspiring, and extends the students to go deeper in their learning. Our focus is to ignite and fan the flames for the love of lifelong learning within our students. Our mission statement is; “Building a community focused on well-being and lifelong learning,” Our mantra is; “Courage, Confidence, Compassion & Community.” These encapsulate our philosophies and our focus on supporting all students in a nurturing and inspiring learning environment.


High level of learning for ALL students.

Silver Lake Elementary is one of four schools within the whole Alpine School District to be selected to participate in the Model PLC (Professional Learning Community) and is focused on going deeper in learning and implementing best practices to ensure that all students learn at high levels. The school has restructured its teacher collaboration times to meet to discuss instructional plans and student interventions. Each teacher team is identifying their Guaranteed Viable Curriculums and is planning for and preparing Common Formative Assessments for Literacy and Math. Along with teacher collaboration, the school implemented an intervention time (Coyote Time) each day for students to get help on standards and skills that they may be struggling with. Our school aides are trained to work with the teachers, our certified Reading and Math Interventionists, and our Instructional/PLC Coaches to provide tier-two interventions and progress monitoring. We have implemented a Kindergarten Double Dosing program for Kindergarten students who are scoring below benchmarks on Reading. Students receive additional instruction in Reading for over four hours a week from a certified Kindergarten teacher. In addition to the above, we have three intervention teams to support student academic progress and social, and emotional well-being. They are our Student Intervention Team (SIT), Special Education Team (SET), and Social Emotional Wellness Team (SEW).